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Personalization ROI: What to expect when you personalize visitor journeys

Any technology you introduce should have a positive impact on Conversion Rate, AOV, CPA and profit. I'll walk you through what you may expect once you start personalizing visitor journeys. 

Most marketers turn to conversion rate when it's time to justify the ROI on a marketing activity. While it's an important metric, it may not always tell the whole story. Many variables could influence the outcome of your campaign. The right question to ask is: would I reach the same conversion rate if this campaign wasn't in place? Do I really need to influence the natural user experience with my marketing campaign?

Let's talk campaign lift. This metric can be found when the Intempt platform controls the campaign delivery to evaluate itself by making itself go away on qualified traffic.

Keep in mind, you may have a campaign with a positive CR but negative lift. It means that you're better off without the campaign and there's no need to influence the visitor experience in this way - they're better off without your marketing effort. 

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Let’s get back to  fundamentals. For any channel your business relies on, the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is Cost per Click (CPC) multiplied by the Conversion Rate (CR). The lower your CPA, the lower your cost and the higher your profit.

Benchmark yourself against 2016 Google Shopping Data 

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 3.25.01 PM.png

As an example (for illustration purposes only), consider two outcomes that are affected by the purchase of the software and services.

If an apparel company increased Conversion Rate from 3.67% to 7%, their Cost Per Acquisition would decline from $7.08 to $3.71.

If their Average Order Value would increase from $40.61 to $60, their profit per order would increase from $33 to $56.29

You spend a ton of money

to get visitors to your website

Now what?


We run campaigns against prioritized goals and issue a KPI against each goal. Let us help you figure out why they’re dropping and get them converted.


We increase average order value and conversion rate, reduce CPA and increase profit via rules-based and predictive modeling campaigns.


After the one-time JS deployment, we provide a full service option (Intempt staff augments your team) or a managed service option (your staff + Intempt tech support.)


Either party can create audiences, content, styling and run campaigns and analytics. The system will alert you if anything needs your immediate attention.

Still curious about what ROI to expect from personalization?

 Grab the full ROI pdf