How Behavioral Segmentation Increased Kukun’s Conversion Rate By 9%

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Kukun, a remodeling online service, partnered with Intempt to create a 9% lift in conversion rate. How did we get there?

The Client: Kukun

Renovating a house can be a painful and complex process. Home owners have to deal with many aspects, such as defining the right scope of project and dealing with contractors or loan providers.

Raf Howery, a serial entrepreneur, created Kukun in 2014 to address this issue and help people to save time and money.

Kukun is an online services provider helping house owners to estimate their home remodeling projects, research best loan options, find professionals and much more.

Since the start, 260,000 remodeling projects have been calculated on Kukun totalling almost 3,5 billion USD.

“My Kukun Co-Founder, Jean-Louis Ledanois, and I have built an amazing tag team based on our combined experience and vision. He helped me to see the consumer needs of his generation and I helped him see how to avoid common business pitfalls, build a strong team quickly, and reduce mistakes, all while saving money as we grew the business.” Raf Howery, Kukun Founder & CEO

Challenges: How To Create A Personalized Web Page?

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Kukun every month. Segmenting and targeting these visitors user personalization is a big challenge because Kukun offers many services to them.

Each of these services result in a separate conversion funnel, and almost every visitor has a specific objective:

  • Estimating the cost of a project
  • Seeking inspiration around home remodeling projects
  • Applying for a loan
  • Finding professionals in the neighborhood
  • Joining Kukun as a professional and get listed on the website
  • Contacting Kukun for a business cooperation

Raf was looking to deliver personalized web pages to each visitor via behavioral segmentation. But how to approach all of these unique visitors in an individual yet efficient way?

“Some visitors are completing home remodeling estimates. Others are finding professionals to begin work on projects – Intempt allows us to anticipate the needs of each visitor and notify them with timely and relevant info.” Raf Howery, Kukun Founder & CEO

Solutions: Real Time Analytics, Onsite Targeting & Personalized Content

Raf paired other website optimization measures with a personalization strategy and experienced a 9% lift in conversion rate in less than four weeks. How did this transition happen?

First, Raf suggested to begin with the project estimator, Kukun’s key asset: A multi step form displaying project cost estimates if visitors fill in all information required.
Raf’s objectives were:

  • Encourage visitors to start a project estimate
  • Retarget visitors who started a project estimate but did not complete it
  • Retarget visitors who already completed a project estimate to try out other tools

“The Intempt platform allows our marketing team to create personalized customer interactions on an individual level.” Raf Howery, Kukun Founder & CEO

Our customer success team then provided a fresh perspective on the website whereas Kukun shared its insights on its visitor base. Both parties hypothesized that the estimator’s complexity lead to less finished estimates than potentially possible.

We installed Intempt’s cross-domain tracker on all Kukun websites to identify potential funnel weaknesses on the client’s website via real time analytics.

Intempt’s machine learning (prediction) engine is visitor oriented: Besides pageviews it also tracks all other visitor actions such as clicks, form submits and cart values, helping to gain better insights into the visitor’s behaviour or even predict future visitor actions.

In addition, Raf also allowed us to use third party data from services such as Google Analytics for this onsite targeting analysis.

Based on our findings we created campaigns addressing specific visitor segments discussed above via personalized content and real time notifications.

“Data-driven notifications and real time analytics help us continuously grow KPI’s that matter.” Raf Howery, Kukun Founder & CEO

Success: 9% Conversion Rate Lift

With low effort, Kukun could grow its visitor base and leverage its business with a 9% lift in conversion rate.

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