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Increase Shopify Sales and Engagement With Personalized Targeting

Personalized Targeting helps you to boost your Shopify sales.

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The Unpredictable Website Visitor

Nowadays marketing is a complex matter: Serving multiple channels, segmenting audiences and hoping for the best. The outcome often seems to be unpredictable.

You also never know how good your targeting is before you try out. But often budgets don’t allow massive testing and heavy segmentation.

There are some great Shopify tools such as recommendation widgets to overcome these hurdles, but these are just like nets you hope the right visitors will get trapped in.

You have almost no control over these nets. It is like trawling the sea, and again: hoping for the best.

Personalized Targeting

Instead of going crazy with your traffic and doing cosmetic changes to your Shopify store, wouldn’t it be more efficient to target people based on their behaviour and create individual experiences?

Personalized targeting makes it possible. It simply means to:

  • Track your visitors behaviour on your website
  • Segment them based on this behaviour
  • Change your website individually in real time
  • Grow by increasing engagement and revenue

Guide your visitors like shop owners did back in the old days in an automated yet individual way.

Your First Behavioral Targeting Campaign

If your product range is huge, your visitors can get lost or even confused while browsing your Shopify shop. They lose focus, get distracted and then leave the page without buying.

Set up your first behavioral marketing campaign to solve this problem:

  • Target visitors who browse two products with the same tag (e.g. ‘Skaters’) in a row.
  • Manipulate product category pages for these visitors, so items tagged with ‘Skaters’ are displayed at the top.

With this setup, you can boost conversions with ease. You will also increase customer compliance because visitors don’t recognize the site structure has been manipulated for them.

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