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5.67% increase in Conversion Rate - How Kukun supercharged conversions with Intempt

Kukun partnered with Intempt and successfully implemented five campaigns with real-time personalized experiences. Targeted at particular drop-off points, Intempt’s involvement resulted in a 5.67% conversion lift. Read on to learn how we got there.

Renovating a house is an exciting project - everyone loves the anticipation of a freshly remodeled home. At the same time, the process of renovating can be painful.

There are many moving parts to take care of, such as defining the right scope of project, estimating its budget, dealing with contractors or loan providers. Stressful!

Raf Howery, CEO & serial entrepreneur, recognized the problem with home renovation back in 2014, and set out to change it.

He believed that the solution for home renovators lay in compelling content, software and data.

Using his knowledge of solutioning in the Home space, Raf created Kukun.

“My Kukun Co-Founder, Jean-Louis Ledanois, and I have built an amazing tag team based on our combined experience and vision. He helped me to see the consumer needs of his generation and I helped him see how to avoid common business pitfalls, build a strong team quickly, and reduce mistakes, all while saving money as we grew the business,”  Raf told Home Business Magazine.

Kukun became the thread that connected the different industries supporting home remodeling - construction, retail, real estate and financing. Raf created a seamless experience for homeowners. 260,648 remodeling Projects have been calculated totalling $3,417,645,352.

But there was one major drawback. The ability to scale engagement.

In a matter of months, Intempt has become an integral part of Kukun’s marketing and sales process.

Kukun paired their UX optimization practice with personalization of individual journeys and saw 5.67% increase in conversion rate.

How did this transition happen? And why did Raf decide to invest in behavioral personalization?


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Why Intempt?

Kukun has tens of thousands of qualified people visiting their website every month.

Some of them are first-time visitors, some of them are loyal returning users.

But what they all have in common, as Raf explained, is that they’re coming to the Kukun website for specific objectives that must be accomplished efficiently.

Every visitor’s project is unique, so is their journey across the variety of Kukun’s tools - from seeking inspiration and knowledge around remodeling projects, to estimating the cost, finding the pros that have worked in their neighborhood, comparing quotes from them, and managing their project and shopping needs.

Raf was looking to optimize each customer’s digital journey with personalized experiences.

He gave us three key reasons why:

  • Acquire visitors in the funnel. Upon arrival to the website, visitors ar exposed to a variety of tools. Irrelevant funnels no matter how well-designed, cause drop-offs.  Providing a relevant funnel based on their intent was key.
  • Convert those in the funnel. The nature of Kukun’s business requires visitor’s to provide accurate home remodeling information so Kukun can calculate an estimate. Many visitors are hesitant to fill out forms. Sensing hesitation and drop-off personalizes the process for each visitor.   
  • Cross-sell relevant Kukun tools at the end on the funnel. The visitor's behavior indicates what feature they will benefit from next. Personalization allows Kukun the ability to scaled being helpful - a chatot wouldn't have worked for this type of use case.

With a dedicated marketing team, Raf started experimenting with Intempt.

Here’s what happened next.

Kukun and Intempt join forces

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.54.44 PM-1.png

Intempt’s customer success team met with the Kukun team and used visitor journey data to formulate a hypothesis that Kukun’s consumer funnel had two major drop-off points.

  1. First, Kukun’s content strategy was helping and hurting a complex funnel by distracting visitors from their final goal – completing an estimate.
  2. Second, Intempt Journey tool could show us that asking for certain pieces of info during the estimation process was hurting conversions.

So Kukun and Intempt teams set to work to understand visitor journeys on an individual level.

Kukun developmen installed the Intempt tracker on four Kukun domains to have a complete picture of how a visitor moved across these domains.

To discover the precise points at which drop-offs were occurring, Intempt’s customer success team partnered with the Kukun team, and together created narrowly defined segments for each step of the funnel (the complex estimation process).

This segmentation revealed a total of 70% drop off across the entire website, and confirmed our idea that a complicated estimate form was a major source of drop-off. At the same time, the blog audience was by and large, non convertible.

We were able to see data immediately and with minimal effort due to the autotracking nature of the Intempt platform.

Here’s what Raf had to say:

“At Kukun, the Intempt platform allows the marketing team to personalize our interactions with our visitors on an individual level. Some Visitors are completing home remodeling estimates; others are finding professionals to begin work on projects - Intempt allows us to anticipate the needs of each visitor and notify them with timely/relevant info. The platform is sophisticated yet easy to use, and data-driven notifications help us continuously grow KPI’s that matter”  Raf Howery, Founder & CEO, Kukun

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