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Master Every Visitor Experience - Intempt Manifesto

Visitors expect a personal relationship before they buy. 

  • Infer my needs now, don’t email or re -target me later. Talk to me while I'm browsing your products. Retargeting ads are annoying, be relevant or I leave. 
  • Let's get personal. Standard offers don’t work; personalize it 1:1 to keep my attention.

We envision a world where every marketer becomes a virtual shopkeeper. Most marketers lack the infrastructure to strategize, create and personalize visitor experiences. 

Why aren't marketers able to shopkeep?

  • they look backward to analytics to build new experiences
  • they are locked in content management workflows to rollout site changes
  • mastering acquisition, conversion and growth funnels ain't an easy task

How do marketers currently optimize?

  • experimentation calendars are full of A/B testing, every layout, element on tens of pages and page templates
  • From there we graduate to multivariate tests,
  • We promote "winners" that do not add the promised lift when promoted to all traffic

Yikes, what else can we do?

  • Your visitors have buying journeys
  • Journeys have hesitation (since you want them to sign up or buy stuff)
  • Hesitation is an opportunity to change the experience and get them to the next micro conversion
  • Get all the hesitations and drop-off's right and you've mastered your funnel

Technology Helps

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We partner with you, commitment-free, for 60 days and with a help of a Growth Pro to orchestrate campaigns for Acquisition, Conversion and Growth.

Check out our overview here

Sid Chaudhary

Sid Chaudhary

Sid Chaudhary is the founder & CEO of Intempt.