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Turning Visitors into Buyers

Marketers are under pressure to capture consumer attention and convert it into purchase. They work relentlessly to attract traffic on the website, optimize the nitty gritty of their websites and hope for the best.

If visitors are not delighted with a relevant experience , they leave the website and doomed to retargeting that chase them all over the web

The scenario is way too familiar for B2C marketers. We recognized the (un)healthy obsession with UX testing back in 2014. At that time, we wwere working product and data teams at Adobe Marketing Cloud and had unique insight into the marketing landscape and marketing teams.

The drive for smarter consumer marketing shaped the idea of marketer-driven personalization.

We did deep dives on how 1:1 personalization with a predictive basis can help convert anonymous  traffic. 

We distilled our findings so that you can run with them in an ebook. 

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If you'd prefer to skim through a table of contents, we're summarized that here.

Challenges for marketers to overcome:

  • Silo-ed data sources limit companies’ ability to properly leverage their visitor profile
  • Marketing data often resides within a disparate mix of cloud and on-premise systems
  • For many businesses, AI may seem not only out of reach, but also overly complicated.
  • Beyond the data, companies must have the tools and expertise to analyze and act on it

AI-enabled marketer is able to:

  • Leverage smart modeling to predict each individual consumer’s likelihood to perform any action
  • Specify a set of personalized experiences to engage each individual consumer
  • Automatically adapt the journey for each individual consumer along a predefined funnel
  • Deliver the best product, content, or offer — every time
  • Send notifications at the right time - when a consumer is likely to engage, and when a brand needs to do so

Key aspects of Predictive Personalization:

  • Visitor Journey Analytics
  • Predictive Segmentation
  • Experiences

Why does Visitor Journey Analytics matter?

  • Visitors buy over multiple visits
  • Visitors aren’t always identified
  • Visitors create complicated buying paths
  • Visitors move across domains

How does Web Analytics fall short?

  • No data from identified users
  • Funnels not retroactive
  • Data Sampling

Best personalization platforms must be:

  • Data-Ready
  • Modeling-Ready
  • Notification-Ready

Use Cases powered by personalization:

  • Blurb
  • Barre3
  • Roger CPA Review

Looking to increase your conversion rates by delivering personalized experiences? 

Read the full ebook here