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B2C personalization campaigns that change behavior and drive revenue

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The way your visitors are buying has changed for good - they are expecting a 1:1 relationship before committing to a sign up. Customers want companies to have their attention before their wallets.

Sid Chaudhary, Intempt’s ideator, recognized this change back in 2014. At that time, he was leading product and data teams at Adobe and had unique insight into the marketing landscape.

Sid knew that marketers were under more pressure to capture consumer attention, but most lacked the infrastructure to create, personalize, deliver and adapt visitor experiences. He was determined to empower B2C marketers by giving them the autonomy from IT and Data teams they lacked.

The ambition for smarter B2C marketers shaped the idea of a marketer-driven personalization.

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Sid witnessed how for many companies, user-generated data quickly outpaced their technological ability to act on it. When marketing teams obtained fractured data, they were eager to act on customers’ intent in real-time.

It wasn’t an easy task - marketing relied on IT involvement for minor campaign set ups.

An unavoidable handshake between marketing and IT left marketing losing a valuable chance to act at the peak of visitors’ interest. The disjointed process made user engagement near-time.

Visitors were not delighted with a personal real-time engagement and left the website, dooming retargeting ad spend and CPA to go up.

Sid knew that predictive held a lot of promise for marketers. AI was able to continuously model data and leverage it for targeted campaigns. He knew that for smaller companies, recruiting a team of data scientists was out of reach. A solution must have encapsulated the power of predictive and be affordable for a wide range of companies.

By teaming up with experienced engineers, Sid created Intempt - an AI-powered predictive personalization platform. Now, an AI-enabled marketer is able to:

  • Leverage smart modeling to predict each individual consumer’s likelihood to perform any action;
  • Specify a set of personalized possible notifications to engage each individual consumer;
  • Automatically adapt the journey for each individual consumer along a predefined funnel;
  • Deliver the best product, content, or offer — every time;
  • Send notifications at the right time - when a consumer is likely to engage, and when a brand needs to do so.

Learning to read and recognize context means a more intelligent marketer and a more informed consumer. Inherent in this learning is the ability to make predictions about future behavior, to know the customer more intimately, and to be proactive rather than reactive.

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Sid Chaudhary

Sid Chaudhary

Sid Chaudhary is the founder & CEO of Intempt.