Turning Visitors into Customers

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Some ideas you’ll find in this book:

Chapter #1:

What does Predictive Personalization mean? For many businesses, AI may seem not only out of reach, but also overly complicated.
Beyond the data, companies must have the tools and expertise to analyze and act on it

Chapter #2:

Data data everywhere. You want a modern analytics and personalization stack. What are the challenges to consider?

Silo-ed data sources limit companies’ ability to properly leverage their visitor profile

Marketing data often resides within a disparate mix of cloud and on-premise systems

Chapter #3:

The Gateway to Smarter Marketing. Visitor journeys, Predictive segmentation & Predictive experiences. AI-enabled marketer is able to:

Leverage smart modeling to predict each individual consumer’s likelihood to perform any action

Specify a set of personalized experiences to engage each individual consumer
Automatically adapt the journey for each individual consumer along a predefined funnel

Deliver the best product, content, or offer — every time. When a consumer is likely to engage, and when a brand needs to do so

Chapter #4:

Behavorial Messaging for Consumer Services & Behavioral Merchandising for eCommerce

Chapter #5:

Predictive Personalization Use Cases using Artificial Intelligence - Home, Health & Beauty, Financial Services & Apparel

About the book

In marketing, there’s no such thing as a gut decision anymore. Decisions are made based on data. Where time and resources are spent is based on this question: will it lead to lift? And that’s an incredibly limiting principle if you’re in marketing. This book shows you how the Intempt team has used personalization experimentation to drive lift and become one of the most well-respected startups in personalization SaaS.
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