Webinar On Demand

Join this webinar to learn:
New Strategy for Acquisition
Extend referrals into the first few seconds & clicks on the site
  • How to gather data on anonymous traffic
  • How to run data against a predictive model
  • How to set up predictive campaign - machine learning
New Strategy for Conversion
Campaign inside the funnel to keep buyers on the path to conversion/revenue
  • Using analytics to define events/funnels & identify drop offs
  • Micro Segmentation: how to campaign against drop offs
  • How to use behavioral rules or predictive machine learning to avoid spamming the same thing to every visitor
New Strategy for Growth & Ongoing Analytics
Use historic behavior & continuous/progressive profiling to increase AOV & LTV
  • How to define & include the full visitor experience to build the profile
  • Know when to run a useful, relevant offer or just nudge with a suggestion
  • Analyze the right things to tell you how successful your campaigns are
Rethink Optimization to Include Personalization
Our subject Website is a home improvement company that requires detailed information from homeowners in order to run estimates & broker relationships among contractors, loan providers & homeowners.
We cover how optimization has matured over time & what's included in Basic, Intermediate & Advanced optimization capabilities today. After looking at a well optimized Web page, we show why optimization can be more powerful with a personalized journey through a site.
We teach marketers look at Acquisition, Conversion & Growth with an increased expectation for performance at each of these phases of the buyer's journey.