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Onboard! How we get you personalizing once you install Intempt

Once you install Intempt, you'll have access to a dedicated Growth Pro and to our Account Team. Their job is to make you successful. Here's how they get you there.

Our Customer team helps you supercharge your conversion marketing

On average, plan to dedicate a total of 8 hours in the first 8 weeks with your Intempt growth pro. And of course, your growth pro and account team will be available to help you after your first 60 days for an on-demand check in.

 Grab the full Onboarding pdf

Here’s how we will work with you to reach ROI on your website

Week 1 - Kick-off

We’ve got your back since the moment you sign up. Growth Pro initiates a discussion around your online KPI’s, as well as desirable timelines to hit them.

Week 2 - Tracking call

Data is key. You and your Growth Pro will set up tracking on your domain (or across domains!) and start digging into data.

Week 3 - Understanding Journeys

We’ll make sure you understand your visitors’ journeys by creating Events and Segments. Together with a Growth Pro, you’ll define key drop-offs points and how to formulate campaigns against those.

Week 4 - Campaigns

Your first campaign deserves the best. We’ll define audience, experience design, messaging to make sure you’re all set for success.

Week 5 - Launch call

Let’s go! Get ready for a ROI by testing, previewing and launching your first campaign.

Week 6 - Analyze it

If it’s not measured it didn’t happen. With your growth pro, review your first analytics and define key funnels to understand your success.

Week 7 - Campaign Review

Time to revisit assumptions, brainstorm updates, back them with data and implement.

Week 8 - Onboarding Review

Tell us how we did. We’ll review the first campaign and overall onboarding process and answer any questions you may have.

What we’ll need from you

  • One primary point of contact
  • An understanding of your business - it enables us to complete your Onboarding within 8 weeks with solid ROI.


 Grab the full Onboarding pdf